Having climbed multiple flights of marble stairs, you are welcomed by the gesture of a graceful hand to approach a marble table, with only a box the size of a book resting atop. A nod encourages you to reach for the box. It is there for you.
The gift isn’t wrapped. It doesn’t need to be; the box is ornate and beautiful. There’s only a slight feeling of hesitation beneath your anticipation, as the clasp is released, freeing the lid to open. It’s dark inside the box, until an array of colors dance out. Hundreds of fluttering wisps are released. 
The lid to the box is closed. Your heart is moved into a deep bow of gratitude. Pausing, with eyes downcast in internal reflection, there is a growing inspiration to only move forward with the utmost intention.
Each gesture, each thought, each action, each step will continually be in earnest. There is good work to be done. The self must be nurtured and cared for, so that even your presence is of benefit. This benefit must include not only loved ones, but all who are affected, today and for generations to come.
Walking down the steps, with the box in hand, the wisps of fluttering colors cannot be seen. They have already dispersed throughout the world. The effects are yet to be known. Now is the time to study, experiment and collaborate. Now is the time to document and share learnings. Now is the time for resilience.
Will you be graced with the assistance of a dancing wisp? Will you welcome the unknown? Will you step into what might feel most uncomfortable? Will you befriend an AI?
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