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Daily News FAQs

How often does the Coinfeeds crypto news feed get updated with new information?

Our news feed updates in real-time. We highlight popular headlines based on shares and engagement. Everything you see on the trending page is from the last 24 hours, giving you the top stories of the day.

Where can I get crypto news?

You can get crypto news from many sources including financial publications, crypto native publications, blog posts, twitter, discord, telegram, and lots of sources on the internet. Coinfeeds makes it easier for you by aggregating all of these sources into an intuitive interface. You can find trending news of the day, and news for any specific cryptocurrency.

How to get crypto news alerts?

For daily news, sign up for our daily digest. If you're keen on the latest crypto startups, our investor intel newsletter is perfect. And for updates on specific coins, you can customize alerts based on your preferences.

How to keep up with crypto news?

Keeping up with crypto news is easy with Coinfeeds. Our news feed updates in real-time, offering trending stories from the past 24 hours. Dive into a wide range of sources, from financial and crypto-specific publications to social media platforms like Twitter and Discord. For a curated experience, subscribe to our daily digest or our investor intel newsletter. And if you've got specific coins in mind, set up custom alerts to never miss an update.