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zkSync Faces Backlash Over Trademark and Transparency Issues

Published: Jun 15, 2024 | Last Updated: Jun 17, 2024
Howard Kane

Matter Labs withdraws 'ZK' trademark application and announces airdrop to address community concerns and boost engagement.

Community Concerns Over Leadership and Transparency

The zkSync Chinese community has recently voiced significant concerns regarding the leadership and transparency of Matter Labs, the organization behind zkSync. Community members are calling for more transparent practices, especially in light of recent decisions that have sparked debates and dissatisfaction.

Trademark Controversy

One of the primary issues raised by the community involves Matter Labs' attempt to trademark the term "ZK." This move was met with considerable backlash, as many felt it was an overreach and not in the spirit of the open-source ethos that underpins much of the Ethereum ecosystem. In response to the criticism, Matter Labs decided to withdraw all trademark applications for the term "ZK."

Token Airdrop to Boost Engagement

In an effort to address some of the community's concerns and foster greater engagement, the ZKsync Association has announced a significant airdrop. They will distribute 17.5% of the total ZK token supply to early adopters of the ZKsync Ethereum Layer 2 network. This airdrop is designed to reward users who have supported the network from its early stages and to encourage continued participation and growth within the community.


The situation with zkSync and Matter Labs highlights the importance of transparency and community engagement in the development of blockchain projects. As the ecosystem continues to evolve, it is crucial for organizations to maintain open communication with their user base and to make decisions that align with the broader values of the community. The recent airdrop initiative is a positive step towards rebuilding trust and promoting active involvement among zkSync users.

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