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The Graph Introduces AI-Assisted Querying and Transitions to Decentralized Network

Published: Nov 08, 2023 | Last Updated: Nov 08, 2023
Howard Kane

The protocol known as the "Google of Web3" enhances capabilities with new features and aims to empower web3 developers

The Graph, a protocol for indexing and querying data stored on blockchains, often referred to as the "Google of Web3," is set to introduce a host of new features, including AI-assisted querying with large language models. This significant upgrade aims to enhance the project's capabilities and further its mission of enabling web3 developers to access blockchain data without the need for centralized intermediaries.

AI-Assisted Querying and More

The Graph's new suite of features is designed to streamline the process of interacting with blockchain data. The most notable of these is the introduction of AI-assisted querying. This feature will leverage large language models to facilitate more efficient and effective data querying. The upgrade also includes the introduction of Firehose and Substreams, which are designed to speed up the indexing process.

Verifiable Data and Archive Access

Another significant aspect of the upgrade is the provision of verifiable data. This feature will enhance the reliability and credibility of the data accessed through The Graph. Additionally, the upgrade includes a solution for accessing Ethereum's archive data, addressing a long-standing challenge for web3 developers.

Transition to a Decentralized Network

The Graph's upgrade is not just about new features. It also marks a significant transition for the project. As part of its "New Era" initiative, The Graph is rolling out a three-phase plan to transition from hosted service endpoints to a fully autonomous, decentralized network. This move is in line with the ethos of web3 and the broader blockchain community, which prioritizes decentralization and autonomy.

Implications for Web3 Development

The Graph's upgrade and transition to a decentralized network represent a significant step forward for web3 development. By providing advanced tools for interacting with blockchain data, The Graph is making it easier for developers to build and innovate on the web3 platform. With $50 million in funding and the ability to query data from 40 networks, The Graph is well-positioned to continue playing a crucial role in the advancement of web3 applications.

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