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Telegram Enables Ad Buys with Toncoin

Published: Apr 01, 2024 | Last Updated: Apr 01, 2024
A vibrant and complex world of digital ad purchases
Image: A vibrant and complex world of digital ad purchases

New feature allows channel monetization through cryptocurrency, sharing ad revenue with content creators.

In a recent update that marks a significant shift in digital advertising and cryptocurrency integration, Telegram has introduced a new feature allowing users to purchase in-platform advertisements using Toncoin (TON). This innovative move not only opens up new avenues for channel monetization but also integrates digital currency into the mainstream advertising ecosystem on Telegram.

Monetization and Revenue Sharing

Telegram's latest update is designed to benefit content creators and public channel owners by sharing 50% of the ad revenue generated from these in-platform ad purchases. This model incentivizes content creators to invest in and grow their channels, potentially increasing the overall quality and diversity of content available on Telegram. Channel owners looking forward to withdrawing their earnings will soon be able to do so without any fees through Telegram's Fragment exchange, further simplifying the monetization process.

Why Toncoin?

The choice of Toncoin (TON) for this feature is strategic, leveraging the TON Blockchain's low transaction fees and high-speed processing capabilities. During a test, the TON Blockchain demonstrated its efficiency by processing 100,000 transactions per second. These attributes make it an ideal cryptocurrency for microtransactions, such as purchasing ads on a platform with Telegram's scale and user engagement.

Market Impact and User Engagement

Following the announcement of this new payment feature, Toncoin's value experienced a notable fluctuation, with a 7% increase followed by a 6% decline. This volatility reflects the market's reaction to Telegram's significant step towards integrating digital currency with its advertising model. With channels on Telegram accumulating over one trillion views monthly, this move has the potential to leverage extensive user engagement, offering a lucrative revenue model for content creators and a new use case for Toncoin.

Looking Forward

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov highlighted the potential of this update to create a "virtuous circle," where content creators are encouraged to reinvest in their channels, thereby enhancing the platform's overall content quality. This development not only signifies Telegram's commitment to innovating within the digital advertising space but also showcases the growing acceptance and integration of cryptocurrencies in everyday online transactions. As Telegram continues to explore and expand its monetization features, it sets a precedent for other platforms to follow, potentially transforming the digital advertising landscape.

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