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Sushi To Launch Susa - Decentralized Derivatives Exchange on Layer N

Published: Feb 14, 2024 | Last Updated: Mar 17, 2024
Howard Kane

Susa aims to revolutionize DeFi with high-speed transactions and developer-friendly tools on Ethereum's Layer 2.

In the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi), Sushi is making headlines with its latest venture: the launch of a new decentralized derivatives exchange called Susa. This move signifies a significant step for Sushi as it aims to bridge the gap between DeFi and traditional finance by offering a platform that can compete with centralized exchanges in performance and speed.

Introducing Susa on Layer N

Susa is not just another DeFi platform; it's built on Layer N, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution designed to enhance transaction speeds and reduce costs. The use of Layer N's Nord Engine is a game-changer for Susa, as it promises to deliver high-speed transactions that could rival those of centralized counterparts. With the capability to handle up to 20,000 transactions per second as demonstrated in tests, Susa is poised to offer a seamless trading experience for its users.

Empowering Developers with Custom Applications

Layer N goes beyond just facilitating speedy transactions. It is also a platform that empowers developers to create custom applications tailored to their needs. This includes a variety of smart contract applications and rollups, which are essential for the scalability and flexibility of DeFi projects. By building on Layer N, Susa is not only setting itself up as a robust exchange but also contributing to a more versatile and developer-friendly DeFi ecosystem.

Competing with Centralized Exchanges

The launch of Susa represents a strategic move by Sushi to capture a share of the market dominated by centralized exchanges. By offering comparable, if not superior, transaction speeds and the security benefits of decentralization, Susa is well-positioned to attract users who are looking for alternatives to traditional financial systems. The decentralized nature of Susa also means that users retain full control over their funds, a significant advantage for those concerned with privacy and autonomy.

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