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Stellar's Upgrade Delayed by Bug

Published: Jan 28, 2024 | Last Updated: Mar 17, 2024
Howard Kane

A software bug prompts Stellar to reconsider the launch of Ethereum-style smart contracts, prioritizing network stability.

Stellar Smart-Contracts Upgrade Postponed Due to Software Bug

The Stellar Development Foundation, the organization behind the Stellar blockchain, has announced a potential delay in the much-anticipated upgrade to its network. This upgrade, which is designed to introduce Ethereum-style smart contracts, is being reconsidered after the discovery of a bug in the software. The bug in question was identified on January 25 in the Stellar Core v20.1.0 software and has raised concerns about the stability and security of the new 'Soroban' smart-contracts transactions.

Community Feedback Leads to Cautious Approach

Initially, the Stellar Development Foundation believed the bug posed little risk to the network's operations. However, after careful consideration and input from the developer community, the foundation has decided to take a more cautious approach. The feedback from developers, who are integral to the ecosystem and the ones most affected by such upgrades, has prompted the foundation to consider preventing the upgrade from going live on the initially targeted date of January 30.

Fixing the Bug and Planning Ahead

The foundation is working on a fix for the bug, which is expected to be ready within two weeks. In the meantime, plans are being made to 'disarm' validators, which are nodes that participate in the consensus process of the Stellar network, to prevent the upgrade from occurring as scheduled. This precautionary measure is meant to ensure that applications and services that would utilize the new smart-contract features do not face unexpected disruptions or vulnerabilities.

Next Steps for Stellar's Upgrade

If the upgrade is indeed postponed, the Stellar Development Foundation will coordinate a new vote date for the validators to approve the upgrade once the bug has been resolved. This process ensures that all changes to the network are made with consensus and that the integrity of the Stellar blockchain is maintained. The foundation is committed to transparency and will likely keep the community updated on the progress of the fix and the rescheduling of the upgrade.

Those who run Stellar nodes should prepare for the possibility of a delayed upgrade and keep an eye out for updates from the foundation regarding new software versions and voting schedules. As always, ensuring that software is up to date and following the recommended security practices is crucial for maintaining the safety and functionality of blockchain applications and services.

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