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Solana Launches 'Blinks' for Crypto Transactions on Any Website

Published: Jun 28, 2024 | Last Updated: Jun 28, 2024
Howard Kane

New feature developed with Dialect allows blockchain transactions directly from URLs, enhancing user experience and developer integration.

On Tuesday, Solana introduced a new feature called "Blinks," designed to make cryptocurrency transactions as easy as browsing a website or using social media. Developed in collaboration with Dialect, Blinks allows users to perform transactions on the Solana blockchain directly from any website where a URL can be shared. The term "Blinks" stands for blockchain links, enabling users to link to on-chain transactions seamlessly.

What Are Solana Actions?

Solana Actions are APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that facilitate blockchain transactions in various contexts, such as QR codes and websites. These APIs make it easier for developers to integrate blockchain functionality into their applications. With Solana Actions, users can complete transactions without leaving the current app or webpage, thereby enhancing user experience and convenience.

How Do Blinks Enhance Solana Actions?

Blinks, or blockchain links, take Solana Actions a step further by making them shareable and adding metadata. This means that users can preview transactions directly in their wallets or interact with buttons on platforms like Discord. Essentially, Blinks extend the capabilities of on-chain interactions to any web surface that can display a URL, making the process of executing blockchain transactions more straightforward and accessible.

Practical Takeaways

For users, Blinks and Solana Actions simplify the process of conducting blockchain transactions. You can now perform transactions directly from a website or app without needing to navigate away. For developers, these tools offer an easy way to integrate blockchain functionality into their platforms, enhancing user engagement and streamlining the transaction process.

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