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Kevin Rose's Proof Group Contends to Relaunch Bankrupt Crypto Exchange FTX

Published: Nov 07, 2023 | Last Updated: Nov 07, 2023
Howard Kane

The Proof Group, part of the Fahrenheit consortium, emerges as a top contender to revive FTX, one of the largest crypto exchanges, after successful bid for bankrupt lender Celsius.

The Proof Group, a Silicon Valley investment firm and part of the Fahrenheit consortium, is a top contender in the race to relaunch the bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange, FTX. This comes after the consortium's successful bid for the bankrupt cryptocurrency lender, Celsius. FTX, one of the largest crypto exchanges, collapsed almost a year ago and has since received multiple bids for a potential restart.

FTX Relaunch: The Options

FTX's future is currently being considered, with three main options on the table. The first is a complete relaunch of the exchange, which would involve dealing with various aspects of claims, token lockups, and compliance issues. The second option is selling the entire exchange and its customer list, while the third involves bringing in a partner to help revive the exchange.

The Proof Group's Role

The Proof Group's involvement in the relaunch efforts of FTX comes after their successful bid for Celsius, a bankrupt cryptocurrency lender. Their experience in this area could prove beneficial in the relaunch of FTX. However, the final decision on who will take over the exchange is yet to be made.

Decision Expected Soon

The decision on the future of FTX is expected to be made by mid-December. This decision will determine the fate of one of the largest crypto exchanges and could potentially reshape the landscape of the cryptocurrency market.


The relaunch or sale of FTX could have significant implications for the cryptocurrency market. If successful, it could provide a model for the recovery of other collapsed exchanges. However, the process will involve navigating complex issues such as claims, token lockups, and compliance, highlighting the challenges inherent in the cryptocurrency sector.

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