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Private Blockchains Handle Over $1.5T of Securities Financing Monthly

Published: Jun 24, 2024 | Last Updated: Jun 24, 2024
Howard Kane

JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs lead the way, handling $1.5 trillion monthly in secure transactions on private blockchain platforms.

Private blockchains are quietly revolutionizing the world of securities financing, handling over $1.5 trillion worth of transactions every month. This significant volume surpasses the much-publicized tokenization of real-world assets on public blockchains like Ethereum. Major financial institutions, including JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs, are leveraging these permission-based blockchain platforms to conduct efficient and secure repurchase agreements (repos) and other securities financing activities.

What Are Private Blockchains?

Private blockchains, also known as permissioned blockchains, are restricted networks where only authorized participants can join and conduct transactions. Unlike public blockchains, which are open to anyone, private blockchains offer enhanced security and control, making them ideal for sensitive financial operations. These platforms ensure that only verified entities can access and interact with the blockchain, providing a secure environment for high-value transactions.

Key Players in the Market

Two prominent platforms in the private blockchain space are Broadridge's Distributed Ledger Repo (DLR) and HQLAx. Broadridge's DLR platform processes approximately $50 billion in repurchase agreements daily, involving major banks. HQLAx, which focuses on the European market, also plays a significant role in securities financing. These platforms enable financial institutions to conduct transactions efficiently and securely without the need to physically move securities, thereby saving time and reducing operational risks.

Impact on the Repo Market

The repo market, which is crucial for capital markets funding, has seen a significant impact from the adoption of private blockchains. Repos are short-term loans where securities are sold and later repurchased, providing liquidity to financial institutions. The efficiency and security offered by private blockchains make them an ideal solution for conducting these transactions, leading to substantial volumes being processed on these platforms.


While the tokenization of real-world assets on public blockchains often grabs headlines, the under-the-radar use of private blockchains in securities financing is proving to be one of the most successful applications of blockchain technology in the capital markets sector. As major financial institutions continue to adopt and integrate these platforms, the benefits of efficiency, cost savings, and security will likely drive further growth and innovation in this space.


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