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Polygon Labs Cuts 19% of Staff

Published: Feb 02, 2024 | Last Updated: Mar 17, 2024
Howard Kane

Blockchain firm reshapes operations, boosts pay for remaining employees amid strategic layoffs.

Polygon Labs, a key player in the blockchain industry, has recently announced a significant reduction in its workforce, letting go of 19% of its employees. This decision has resulted in the loss of 60 roles within the company. The move comes as a strategic step to enhance the company's performance, according to the firm's statements. This is not the first time Polygon Labs has downsized; a similar reduction took place in February 2023 when the company reduced its staff by 20%.

Strategic Layoffs for Performance

The layoffs at Polygon Labs have been portrayed not as a financial necessity but as a strategic choice to streamline operations and improve overall performance. The company has emphasized that the decision was made to maintain a strong focus on its mission and core objectives. Despite the reduction in staff, Polygon Labs is increasing the total compensation for the remaining employees by a notable 15%, signaling a commitment to its workforce and a shift in its compensation strategy.

Support for Affected Employees

For those employees affected by the layoffs, Polygon Labs has not detailed any specific severance packages or support programs. However, the company has highlighted that the remaining staff will benefit from the elimination of traditional geo-pay models, which suggests a more equitable pay structure across different regions.

Continued Projects and Developments

Despite the reduction in staff, Polygon Labs is continuing to push forward with new projects. The company is currently working on AggLayer and has also announced a collaboration with Fox Corporation. These initiatives indicate that Polygon Labs is still actively pursuing growth and innovation within the blockchain space.

Future of Polygon ID

Interestingly, the team behind Polygon ID, a project within the company, is set to spin out from Polygon Labs. This move could signal a new direction for the project and potentially lead to independent growth and development outside of the company's umbrella.


The recent layoffs at Polygon Labs reflect a growing trend in the tech industry where companies are restructuring to adapt to market conditions and internal goals. For employees in the tech sector, this underscores the importance of staying adaptable and up-to-date with industry changes. For the blockchain community and investors, Polygon Labs' commitment to increasing compensation and continuing with new projects may be seen as a positive sign of the company's resilience and dedication to its mission.

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