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Pixels Airdrop Begins Ahead of Ronin Game's Token Launch

Published: Feb 10, 2024 | Last Updated: Mar 17, 2024
Howard Kane

Ronin blockchain game Pixels partners with Binance for rewards program, raises $4.8M in funding, and promises NFTs to players.

Introduction to PIXEL Token Airdrop

The gaming world is buzzing with excitement as the Ronin blockchain game Pixels kicks off an airdrop of its PIXEL tokens. This event is a precursor to the official token launch slated for February 19, marking a significant milestone for the game and its growing community. The airdrop has already led to a surge in active users, a testament to the game's increasing popularity.

Binance Joins the Celebration with Launchpool Rewards

In a move that underscores the potential of Pixels, Binance, one of the world's leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has introduced a Launchpool rewards program. This initiative allows users to stake their BNB or FSUSD to earn a share of the 350 million PIXEL tokens set aside for the program. This partnership not only provides an incentive for users to engage with Pixels but also adds credibility to the game's burgeoning ecosystem.

Strategic Funding and Future Aspirations

Behind the scenes, the Pixels Foundation has successfully raised $4.8 million in strategic funding from various investors. This influx of capital is expected to fuel the game's development and expansion. Luke Barwikowski, the founder of Pixels, has expressed his ambition for the game's cryptocurrency to become one of the largest in the gaming world. With such strong financial backing and a clear vision, the future looks bright for Pixels.

Exclusive NFTs and Tokens for Players

As part of the airdrop celebration, Pixels is not just giving away PIXEL tokens. Players also have the chance to win free in-game NFTs, Ronin (RON) tokens, and VIP membership coupons. One of the highlighted giveaways includes a Farm Land plot NFT, which holds significant value on secondary markets. Approximately 28,000 wallets that participated in previous play-to-airdrop campaigns will be rewarded with PIXEL tokens, further engaging the game's community.

Impact on the Ronin Network

The migration of Pixels to the Ronin network in October has had a noticeable impact, driving increased activity on the network. This symbiotic relationship benefits both the game and the network, as each draws users and transactions to the other. While no new campaigns are planned before the token launch, the promise of play-to-earn rewards post-launch ensures that the excitement and engagement within the Pixels community will continue to thrive.

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