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OKX Launches Inscription Support For Atomicals, Stamps, Runes and Doginals

Published: Jan 30, 2024 | Last Updated: Jan 30, 2024
Howard Kane

Web3 leader OKX introduces ARC-20, SRC-20, and other standards, enhancing its wallet and launching a dedicated marketplace.

OKX Expands Web3 Offerings with New Inscription Token Standards

OKX, a prominent player in the Web3 technology sector, is making significant strides in expanding its platform's capabilities by introducing support for a variety of inscription token standards. These standards include Atomicals (ARC-20), Stamps (SRC-20), Runes, and Doginals (DRC-20), which are set to be integrated into OKX's Web3 Wallet and an upcoming marketplace.

Understanding Inscription Tokens

Inscriptions are a novel form of digital asset that are recorded directly on the blockchain, in contrast to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that typically link to external files. This method of on-chain recording is seen as a more durable and innovative approach for creators in the Web3 space. Inscription tokens can represent a wide range of digital assets, from artwork and collectibles to virtual real estate and beyond.

OKX's Integration Timeline

The integration of these new standards will begin with Stamps (SRC-20) on February 5, followed by Atomicals (ARC-20), Doginals (DRC-20), and Runes later in the month. This phased approach will allow users to gradually familiarize themselves with each new token standard as it becomes available on the OKX platform.

A Marketplace for Innovation

Alongside the integration of these inscription standards, OKX is set to launch a dedicated marketplace. This marketplace will cater to the trading and exchange of these digital assets, providing a robust environment for the adoption and growth of Web3 technologies. OKX is positioning itself as a leader in the inscriptions ecosystem by offering zero-fee trading across multiple blockchains, which is expected to attract a wide user base and stimulate the Web3 economy.

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