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Mastercard Launches Crypto Loyalty Scheme, Aims To Plug Google Pay Gaps

Published: Feb 21, 2024 | Last Updated: Mar 17, 2024
Howard Kane
The integration of Mastercard and cryptocurrency, and Google Pay
Image: The integration of Mastercard and cryptocurrency, and Google Pay

Aiming to fill the digital payment gap in emerging markets, this partnership introduces a novel cryptocurrency loyalty program.

In a significant move to enhance digital payment solutions in emerging markets, Mastercard has partnered with Swoo Pay, a mobile payments app, to introduce a novel cryptocurrency loyalty rewards program. This initiative is particularly aimed at bridging the service gaps left by Google Pay in regions like Africa and Southeast Asia, where digital payment infrastructures are still developing. The collaboration is set to revolutionize how consumers in these markets engage with digital currencies and loyalty reward schemes.

Targeting Emerging Markets

The partnership between Mastercard and Swoo Pay is strategically focused on areas where Google Pay's presence is minimal or non-existent. This situation is especially prevalent in regions where affordable, non-Google sanctioned devices, such as Huawei smartphones, dominate the market due to US sanctions. By offering an alternative digital payment and rewards system, Mastercard and Swoo Pay aim to make financial services more accessible to a broader audience in these emerging markets.

Crypto Loyalty Rewards

One of the most innovative aspects of this partnership is the introduction of Swoo Tokens, which users can earn as loyalty rewards. These tokens are awarded for contactless payments made through the Swoo Pay app using digital Mastercard cards. What makes Swoo Tokens particularly appealing is their versatility; users can convert these tokens into popular digital assets like Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin (BTC), or even exchange them for fiat currency. This flexibility not only promotes the use of digital currencies but also enhances the overall appeal of the loyalty rewards program.

Expanding Digital Payment Tools

The collaboration aims to fill a significant gap in international payments and expand the usage of digital payment tools in regions that have been largely unexplored by major players like Google Pay. By focusing on these markets, Mastercard and Swoo Pay are not only providing a valuable service but are also tapping into a vast potential customer base. The initial success of their pilot program in January, which attracted 17,000 participants, underscores the high demand and potential for growth in these regions.

For consumers in Africa and Southeast Asia, the partnership between Mastercard and Swoo Pay offers a promising alternative to traditional financial services and Google Pay. By participating in this crypto loyalty rewards program, users can enjoy the benefits of digital payments, such as convenience and security, while also earning valuable rewards that can be converted into digital or fiat currencies. This initiative not only enhances the digital payment landscape in emerging markets but also encourages the adoption of cryptocurrency, making it a win-win for all parties involved.

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