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Linux Foundation Launches LF Decentralized Trust Initiative

Published: Jun 26, 2024 | Last Updated: Jun 26, 2024
Howard Kane
The Linux penguin in an environment of lines and nodes
Image: The Linux penguin in an environment of lines and nodes

New initiative aims to expand blockchain and digital identity projects, fostering innovation in decentralized technologies.

The Linux Foundation has announced its intent to form the Linux Foundation Decentralized Trust (LF Decentralized Trust). This new initiative aims to support the growing adoption of decentralized technologies by building upon the foundation's existing blockchain and digital identity projects.

What is LF Decentralized Trust?

LF Decentralized Trust is an umbrella organization that will include existing Hyperledger projects and host new open-source software, communities, standards, and specifications. The goal is to create a broader ecosystem for decentralized systems of distributed trust.

Why is Decentralization Important?

Decentralized systems distribute control and decision-making across a network rather than relying on a single central authority. This approach can enhance security, transparency, and efficiency in various sectors, including finance, trade, government, and healthcare.

Building on Existing Projects

LF Decentralized Trust will leverage the Linux Foundation's existing blockchain and digital identity projects. These projects have already laid a strong foundation for decentralized technologies, and the new initiative aims to expand on this work.

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration

The initiative seeks to drive innovation and collaboration in developing technologies for distributed trust. By bringing together different projects and communities, LF Decentralized Trust aims to address the market's shift towards decentralized systems and meet the needs of various sectors.


For those interested in decentralized technologies, LF Decentralized Trust represents a significant expansion of the Linux Foundation's commitment to open-source innovation. It provides a platform for collaboration and development, offering new opportunities for innovation in decentralized systems.

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