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Immutable and Polygon Launch $100M Gaming Fund

Published: Mar 20, 2024 | Last Updated: Mar 20, 2024
Gaming ecosystems within a digital environment of lines and nodes
Image: Gaming ecosystems within a digital environment of lines and nodes

The Inevitable Games Fund aims to revolutionize blockchain gaming with major industry backing.

In a significant move for the blockchain gaming industry, two major Ethereum scaling solutions, Immutable and Polygon Labs, have come together with venture capital firm King River Capital to launch a groundbreaking $100 million investment fund. Named the Inevitable Games Fund, this initiative has garnered support from notable backers including Abu Dhabi's Alpha Wave Ventures, among others. The fund's primary goal is to foster the development of blockchain-based games, offering financial support to projects across a wide range of Web3 infrastructures, irrespective of the platform they operate on.

Collaboration for Innovation

This isn't the first time Immutable and Polygon have joined forces. They previously collaborated to create the Immutable zkEVM scaling network, a project aimed at enhancing the efficiency and scalability of blockchain applications. The Inevitable Games Fund represents another step in their partnership, focusing on the burgeoning field of blockchain gaming. By pooling resources and expertise, Immutable and Polygon are setting the stage for significant advancements in the way games are developed and played on blockchain platforms.

Investing in the Future of Gaming

The Inevitable Games Fund has already made investments in seven promising projects, signaling a strong start to its mission. By targeting the gaming sector, the fund aims to address some of the unique challenges faced by developers in this space, such as the need for scalable, efficient, and user-friendly blockchain infrastructure. The collaboration between Immutable and Polygon, along with the financial backing from major investors, provides a solid foundation for the fund to support innovative gaming projects that can leverage the benefits of Web3 technology.


For developers and entrepreneurs in the blockchain gaming industry, the launch of the Inevitable Games Fund offers new opportunities for funding and support. It highlights the growing interest and investment in blockchain-based gaming solutions, which are poised to redefine the gaming landscape. For gamers, this development promises more diverse and innovative gaming experiences built on blockchain technology. Finally, for investors, the fund represents a strategic opportunity to participate in the growth of the blockchain gaming sector, an area that continues to show significant potential for innovation and expansion.

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