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Genesis Wins Approval for $1.65B GBTC Sell-Off

Published: Feb 18, 2024 | Last Updated: Apr 01, 2024
Howard Kane

Court allows Genesis to liquidate GBTC shares, aiming to mitigate market impact and repay creditors amid bankruptcy.

In a significant development within the cryptocurrency market, Genesis Global has been granted court approval to sell a substantial amount of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) shares, valued at over $1.65 billion. This move is part of Genesis Global's strategy to navigate through its bankruptcy proceedings by reimbursing its digital asset lenders. The decision has sparked discussions regarding its potential impact on the cryptocurrency market, particularly on Bitcoin's price.

Understanding the Genesis GBTC Sell-Off

Genesis Global, currently in bankruptcy, holds $1.3 billion in GBTC shares, which it plans to liquidate to pay off creditors. The sale of such a large amount of GBTC shares has raised concerns about possible negative effects on Bitcoin prices. However, Coinbase, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, has offered a more optimistic outlook. According to Coinbase, the funds generated from the GBTC sell-off are likely to remain within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, thereby neutralizing any significant market impact.

Market Impact and Coinbase's Perspective

Coinbase argues that the approval for Genesis to proceed with the GBTC sell-off will not disrupt the crypto market in a significant way. They believe that most of the funds will flow back into the ecosystem, either through direct conversion to Bitcoin or through the sale and cash distribution to creditors. This cycle of funds is expected to balance out any potential market fluctuations caused by the sell-off. The final decision on how the funds will be distributed is pending a confirmation hearing scheduled for February 26.

Minimizing Market Impact

Genesis Global has outlined a plan to coordinate the sale of its GBTC shares through a broker. This approach aims to minimize the impact on market prices, addressing concerns from Digital Currency Group (DCG), Genesis' parent company, and other market participants about the potential for negative effects on Bitcoin's value. The court's decision to allow Genesis autonomy in its Chapter 11 proceedings underscores the importance of strategic planning in mitigating market disruptions during large-scale asset liquidations.


The Genesis GBTC sell-off represents a critical moment for the cryptocurrency market, highlighting the interconnectedness of institutional actions and market dynamics. While concerns about the potential for market disruption are valid, the strategies employed by Genesis and the optimistic outlook provided by Coinbase suggest a manageable impact. For investors and market observers, this event underscores the importance of staying informed about major transactions and their potential effects on market stability and prices.

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