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FTX to Sell Anthropic Shares for $884M

Published: Mar 26, 2024 | Last Updated: Mar 26, 2024

FTX bankruptcy estate plans to sell AI startup shares to repay customers, showcasing the fusion of technology and finance.

In a significant development within the cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence sectors, the FTX bankruptcy estate has announced plans to sell a substantial portion of its shares in AI startup Anthropic. This move is set to raise $884 million through the sale to a diverse group of institutional investors. The decision marks a pivotal step in FTX's efforts to repay customers affected by its collapse, showcasing the intertwined nature of emerging technologies and financial strategies.

Key Players and Financial Dynamics

The sale involves the transfer of the majority of FTX's shares in Anthropic to approximately two dozen institutional investors. Leading the pack is ATIC Third International Investment Company, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi's sovereign wealth fund, which alone is purchasing shares worth $500 million. This highlights the global interest in AI technologies and the value seen in such investments by major financial entities. Other notable buyers include Jane Street Global Trading and funds associated with Fidelity Investments, along with The Ford Foundation, indicating a broad spectrum of confidence in Anthropic's potential.

Strategic Implications for FTX and Its Creditors

This strategic sale of Anthropic shares is a critical component of FTX's broader plan to fully repay its customers following the cryptocurrency exchange's dramatic collapse. The sale, which involves 29.5 million shares or about two-thirds of FTX's stake in Anthropic, is pending court approval. It underscores the complex process of bankruptcy proceedings, especially within the rapidly evolving tech and crypto landscapes. The news of this sale and the potential for customer reimbursement has positively impacted the market, with the FTT token, FTX's native cryptocurrency, rising by 10%.

The AI Boom and Its Financial Repercussions

The backdrop to this significant transaction is the ongoing boom in artificial intelligence technology. Anthropic, as an AI startup, has seen its share value surge amidst growing interest and investment in AI. This boom not only reflects the technological advancements being made but also the increasing integration of AI into various sectors, from finance to healthcare. For the FTX estate, the rising value of Anthropic shares represents a timely opportunity to capitalize on this trend, turning a profit that can be channeled towards repaying its debts.


The sale of Anthropic shares by the FTX bankruptcy estate to a wide array of institutional investors is more than just a financial transaction. It represents the convergence of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated financial mechanisms, aimed at resolving the fallout from one of the most notable collapses in the cryptocurrency world. As the deal awaits court approval, the broader implications for the AI sector and the strategies of bankruptcy estates in leveraging technological assets are yet to be fully realized. Nonetheless, this development offers a glimpse into the future of financial restitution in the age of digital innovation.

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