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Bitcoin Ordinals Gaming Project 'Bits' Unveiled by Deadfellaz Creators

Published: Feb 10, 2024 | Last Updated: Feb 10, 2024
Howard Kane
Elements of digital gaming like consoles, controllers, screens displaying game graphics, with symbols of Bitcoin
Image: Elements of digital gaming like consoles, controllers, screens displaying game graphics, with symbols of Bitcoin

Deadfellaz creators launch 'Bits', a Bitcoin Ordinals-based gaming project with a nostalgic Game Boy aesthetic, fostering a collaborative ecosystem.

Introducing 'Bits': A New Era of Bitcoin Gaming

In a groundbreaking move, DFZ Labs, the creative minds behind the popular Deadfellaz NFT collection, is venturing into the realm of Bitcoin gaming with their latest project, 'Bits'. This innovative initiative is poised to leverage the robustness of Bitcoin's blockchain through the use of Ordinals, a method to inscribe unique digital artifacts directly onto the Bitcoin network.

What Are Bitcoin Ordinals?

Bitcoin Ordinals are a novel concept that allows for the creation of distinct, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Bitcoin blockchain. Each Ordinal represents a unique inscription, which in the case of 'Bits' translates to pixel character profile pictures (PFPs). These PFPs are not just for show; they serve as keys to an exclusive game development incubator.

The 'Bits' Collection and Its Unique Aesthetic

The 'Bits' project is set to introduce a collection of 10,000 Bitcoin Ordinals, each with a unique pixel character design reminiscent of the classic Game Boy era. This nostalgic aesthetic is more than just a visual choice; it represents a bridge between the early days of gaming and the cutting-edge technology of blockchain.

A Collaborative Gaming Ecosystem

The vision behind 'Bits' extends beyond individual ownership of digital assets. The project is designed to foster a collaborative ecosystem where Ordinals holders, creators, and players come together. The goal is to empower indie developers and the gaming community, allowing them to contribute content and ideas to a 'roguelite' game currently in development. This game will reward contributors, further incentivizing participation and content creation within the 'Bits' community.

Security and Decentralization

One of the core principles of the 'Bits' project is the emphasis on security, stability, and the inherent decentralization of the Bitcoin network. By building on Bitcoin, 'Bits' aims to provide a safe and stable environment for gamers and developers alike.

Launch Details and Community Involvement

The launch of 'Bits' is scheduled for February 13 on Magic Eden's Bitcoin marketplace. In preparation for this, DFZ Labs has taken a community snapshot and will airdrop 500 Bits to the most dedicated Deadfellaz collectors and contributors as a token of appreciation and to kickstart the ecosystem.

DFZ Labs is not going at it alone; they have partnered with OrdinalsBot for the inscription process and Xverse for wallet services. Additionally, the co-founders of Deadfellaz, Betty and Psych, will lend their expertise as mentors and advisors to guide the project's development.

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