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El Salvador's Pro-Bitcoin President Nayib Bukele To Win Re-election

Published: Feb 05, 2024 | Last Updated: Mar 17, 2024
Howard Kane

Early results favor President Bukele for a second term, reinforcing Bitcoin's role in the nation's economy.

El Salvador has witnessed a significant political event as early voting data suggests that President Nayib Bukele is poised to secure a second term in office. Bukele's party, Nueva Ideas, is currently leading with a substantial majority of the votes, signaling a strong endorsement from the Salvadoran electorate.

A Pro-Bitcoin President's Lead

With 31.5% of the vote counted, initial results show an overwhelming 87% in favor of Bukele's party. This early lead indicates a clear path for Bukele to continue his presidency until 2029. Bukele, who has been a vocal supporter of Bitcoin, made history by making the cryptocurrency legal tender in El Salvador. His administration's innovative approach to Bitcoin has been a defining feature of his leadership.

Victory Declaration and Future Plans

Even before the official election results were finalized, President Bukele declared victory, claiming over 85% of the votes and a majority in the Assembly. Bukele's future plans include maintaining Bitcoin as legal tender and further integrating it into the country's economy. Among the anticipated initiatives are the launch of Bitcoin-backed 'Volcano bonds,' which aim to fund renewable energy-powered Bitcoin mining.

Domestic Support Amid International Scrutiny

Despite facing international scrutiny, particularly concerning his human rights record and the constitutionality of his re-election, Bukele's re-election campaign appears to have resonated with Salvadorans. His administration's tough stance on gang crime and the national accumulation of a Bitcoin portfolio have been key aspects of his domestic policy.


The preliminary election results and Bukele's confident victory declaration suggest that El Salvador is set to continue on its current trajectory, with Bitcoin playing a central role in its economic strategy. The strong domestic support for Bukele's policies, especially regarding cryptocurrency, could have significant implications for the nation's financial system and its position in the global economy.

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