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Bitcoin ETFs Saw $1.1B Inflow Last Week - CoinShares

Published: Feb 13, 2024 | Last Updated: Mar 17, 2024
Howard Kane

Investor confidence in Bitcoin soars as spot ETFs see record investments, signaling wider crypto market adoption.

Investors have shown a growing interest in cryptocurrency, particularly in Bitcoin, as evidenced by the recent surge in investments into spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). According to the latest report by CoinShares, these specialized investment products have seen a remarkable $1.1 billion in inflows just last week. This figure is not only significant on its own but also represents the highest weekly inflow since the inception of spot Bitcoin ETFs on January 11.

Record-Breaking Inflows

The recent inflow is a clear indicator of the increasing confidence and interest from investors in Bitcoin as an asset class. Since their launch earlier this year, spot Bitcoin ETFs have accumulated a total of $2.8 billion in investments. This rapid accumulation reflects a growing trend of mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, with over 192,000 BTC now held in custody by these funds.

Leading the Pack

Among the various funds, BlackRock and Fidelity have been at the forefront of this investment wave. BlackRock has led the inflows with a staggering $693.6 million, while Fidelity is close behind with $522.6 million. The participation of these well-established financial institutions signifies a notable shift in the perception of cryptocurrencies, which were once considered too volatile and risky by traditional investors.

Implications for the Crypto Market

The influx of capital into spot Bitcoin ETFs has broader implications for the cryptocurrency market. The total assets under management (AUM) for crypto investment products have reached a new high since early 2022, now amounting to $59 billion. This growth in AUM suggests that cryptocurrencies are increasingly being viewed as a legitimate component of diversified investment portfolios.


The surge in spot Bitcoin ETFs demonstrates that there are now more regulated and accessible ways to invest in Bitcoin without directly purchasing and storing the cryptocurrency. Secondly, the involvement of major asset managers like BlackRock and Fidelity provides a level of reassurance regarding the stability and potential of these investment vehicles. Lastly, as the crypto market matures, investors may benefit from keeping an eye on these trends to inform their investment strategies in the digital asset space.

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