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Token merger of SingularityNET,, and Ocean Protocol Goes Live

Published: Jul 02, 2024 | Last Updated: Jul 02, 2024
Howard Kane
Translucent token bag
Image: Translucent token bag

SingularityNET,, and Ocean Protocol unite to advance decentralized AI with a new ASI token, supported by major exchanges.

The Artificial Superintelligence Alliance, comprising SingularityNET,, and Ocean Protocol, has launched a multi-coin merger, introducing a unified token called ASI to advance decentralized AI technologies. This merger aims to build an ethical, decentralized AI ecosystem by combining resources and expertise from the member companies. The merger has two phases, with the first involving the merging of AGIX and OCEAN tokens into FET, and the second focusing on community onboarding and ASI token deployment. Major crypto exchanges support the new ASI token, though Coinbase will continue trading FET and OCEAN separately.

Introduction to the Merger

The Artificial Superintelligence Alliance, which includes SingularityNET,, and Ocean Protocol, has taken a significant step towards creating a unified and decentralized AI ecosystem. By merging their respective tokens (AGIX, FET, and OCEAN) into a single token called ASI, they aim to streamline resources and expertise to foster ethical AI development.

Phases of the Merger

The merger is divided into two distinct phases:

Phase 1: The initial phase involves merging AGIX and OCEAN tokens into the FET token. This consolidation is designed to simplify the token structure and prepare for the introduction of the ASI token.

Phase 2: The second phase focuses on community onboarding and the deployment of the ASI token. This phase aims to engage the community and ensure a smooth transition to the new unified token system.

Support from Major Exchanges

Major cryptocurrency exchanges have shown support for the new ASI token, which is crucial for its adoption and liquidity. However, it's important to note that Coinbase will continue to trade FET and OCEAN tokens separately, allowing users to manage their assets during the transition period.

Practical Takeaways

This merger represents a significant move towards a more integrated and ethical AI ecosystem. By combining their resources, SingularityNET,, and Ocean Protocol hope to accelerate the development of decentralized AI technologies. For investors and users, the introduction of the ASI token simplifies the token landscape and offers a unified approach to participating in this innovative ecosystem.

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