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Aave Launches $5M 'Merit' Quarterly Incentives Program

Published: Feb 20, 2024 | Last Updated: Mar 23, 2024
Moyi Dang

Aave aims to boost DeFi engagement and user base with rewards in WETH and GHO stablecoin for key activities.

In the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi), Aave, a leading lending protocol, is taking a significant step to boost its platform's adoption and user engagement through a new incentives program. The initiative, dubbed "Merit," aims to allocate $5 million in rewards every quarter to its users. This strategic move is designed to enhance Aave's position in the competitive DeFi landscape by rewarding activities that align with the protocol's strategic objectives.

Understanding the "Merit" Program

The "Merit" program is Aave's latest proposal to encourage more users to engage with its platform. It plans to distribute rewards in two forms: wrapped Ether (WETH) and Aave's own GHO stablecoin. The rewards are targeted at users who participate in specific activities that are crucial for Aave's growth and sustainability. These activities include borrowing against deposits, staking, participating in governance decisions, and migrating funds from competing lending protocols. By incentivizing these actions, Aave aims to foster a more active and committed community.

Strategic Objectives and User Benefits

Aave's strategic objectives with the "Merit" program are multifaceted. Firstly, it seeks to increase the adoption of its platform by making it more rewarding for users to engage with its services. Secondly, by rewarding users for migrating their funds from rival protocols, Aave aims to consolidate its market position and attract a larger user base. Additionally, the program is designed to encourage users to participate in governance and staking, thereby enhancing the protocol's security and decentralization.

Community Feedback and Implementation

Before the "Merit" program is officially implemented, Aave is seeking to incorporate feedback from its community. This approach ensures that the program is aligned with the needs and preferences of Aave's users. The proposal is currently focused on Aave's version 3 (v3) deployment on the Ethereum blockchain. After gathering and integrating community feedback, the proposal will proceed to a final vote for implementation. This collaborative process underscores Aave's commitment to transparency and community involvement in its decision-making processes.


For current and potential Aave users, the "Merit" program represents an opportunity to earn additional rewards while contributing to the platform's growth and security. Users who are actively borrowing, staking, or participating in governance stand to benefit significantly from the quarterly incentives. Additionally, users considering migrating from other lending protocols may find Aave's rewards an attractive incentive to make the switch. As the program rolls out, it will be important for users to stay informed about the specific criteria for earning rewards and to participate actively in governance to shape the future of the protocol.

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