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87% of Bitcoin Holders in Profit Despite Market Stagnation

Published: Jun 21, 2024 | Last Updated: Jun 21, 2024
Howard Kane
Bitcoin addresses in profit
Image: Bitcoin addresses in profit

High MVRV ratio highlights substantial gains, but reduced trading activity and cautious investor behavior suggest short-term stability.

Bitcoin Holders Enjoying Profits

Recent reports indicate that over 87% of Bitcoin holders are currently in profit. This means their investments are valued higher than their initial purchase prices, showing unrealized gains of approximately 120% on average. This profitability is supported by a high Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio, which indicates substantial unrealized gains across the market.

Understanding the MVRV Ratio

The MVRV ratio is a metric used to assess the overall profitability of Bitcoin holders. A high MVRV ratio suggests that the majority of Bitcoin holders are in profit, which can be a positive indicator for the market. In this case, the high MVRV ratio shows that many investors have seen significant gains on their investments.

Reduced Trading Activity

Despite the high profitability, the Bitcoin market is experiencing reduced trading activity. There has been a notable decrease in speculative trading, which has led to price stagnation. This means that the price of Bitcoin is not moving significantly in either direction and is staying within a defined range.

Investor Caution

Investors are adopting a cautious approach amidst short-term market uncertainties. There has been a significant decrease in Bitcoin transfers to exchanges, suggesting that investors prefer to hold onto their assets rather than sell them. This cautious behavior indicates that investors are unsure about the short-term future of the market and are choosing to wait and see how things develop.


For those holding Bitcoin, the current market conditions suggest a period of stability with high profitability for many investors. However, the reduced trading activity and cautious investor behavior indicate that the market may not see significant price movements in the short term. Investors should continue to monitor market trends and consider their long-term investment strategies.

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