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An Overview of Medibloc

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Overview of Medibloc

A Brief Introduction to Medibloc

Medibloc is a decentralized blockchain protocol designed for the healthcare industry. Originating from South Korea, this innovative platform allows medical institutions to securely transfer, collect, store, and manage data. Medibloc aims to revolutionize the healthcare sector by creating a unified, real-time patient database, bringing together patients, healthcare providers, and medical researchers.

The Creators and Major Contributors

Medibloc was launched in 2017 by a team of qualified doctors, experienced entrepreneurs, and talented developers. The co-founders, Dr. Allen Wookyun Kho and Dr. Eunsol Lee, are healthcare professionals with a wealth of experience in both medicine and software engineering. Their combined expertise has been instrumental in shaping Medibloc into a platform that addresses the needs of the modern healthcare industry.

Token Supply

The native utility token of the Medibloc platform is MED. It’s used for storage payments, insurance payments, and transactions within the ecosystem. Additionally, MED is used to reward users who contribute to the growth of the Medibloc ecosystem. The distribution of tokens is as follows: 50% to ICO participants, 20% to the team, 12% to development, 10% to investors and advisors, and 8% to research.

Purchase Locations

Interested in acquiring MED tokens? You can purchase them on several crypto exchanges, including Bithumb, Bittrex,, Osmosis, Upbit, and Korbit. Remember to always use trusted platforms to ensure the security of your transactions.

Common Uses

Medibloc's primary use is to build a patient-centric health data platform. It empowers data and encourages users to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The platform provides an objective incentive system, where all contributors (data owners) are rewarded in MED tokens. Additionally, the blockchain system provides an increased level of network security, minimizing risks such as fraud and data hacking.

Latest News and Developments

Since its launch, Medibloc has been making significant strides in the healthcare industry. The platform operates on the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm, an energy-efficient model that provides network security through the approval voting of delegates. In 2019, Medibloc announced the decision to formulate and launch its own mainnet, further enhancing its capabilities and reach. As Medibloc continues to evolve, it remains committed to improving the quality of medical services and infrastructure by optimizing information storage processes and giving users sovereignty over their own data.

MediBloc's Technological Advancements

In recent news about MediBloc, the company has made significant strides in its technological development. They have successfully integrated an RSS news feed with, allowing users to easily access the latest updates about MediBloc. They also introduced the Data Exchange Protocol (DEP) at the Next Block Expo in Berlin, which enables secure data trading based on their blockchain platform, Panacea.

Partnerships and Recognition

MediBloc has been forming strategic partnerships, with Daewoong Pharmaceutical and Handok joining as corporate validators of Panacea. This move strengthens the platform's decision-making process and consensus node operations. Additionally, MediBloc has been recognized for its contributions to internet technology and service innovation, receiving the President Award of Korea Internet & Security Agency at the 17th Korea Internet Awards.

Expansion of Services

MediBloc's healthcare app, Medipass, has been expanding its services. It has been featured on the Google Play Store and has launched a convenient prescription history lookup service. Medipass has also expanded its simple claim service to patients at Hanyang University Medical Center, Mediheal Hospital, and Hyosung City Hospital in South Korea.

Future Developments

Looking at MediBloc news today, the company has been selected for the 2023 Overseas Expansion Project supported by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute. This will allow MediBloc to provide its cloud EMR to Korean-style medical institutions in Indonesia, marking a significant step in MediBloc's global expansion.