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An Overview of Huobi

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Overview of Huobi

Introduction to Huobi Crypto

Huobi is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2013 and headquartered in Singapore. Originally focused on the Chinese market, Huobi has since expanded its services to over 130 countries, allowing users to trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies. One of Huobi's standout features is its native ERC-20 token, Huobi Token (HT), which provides various benefits to token holders. For example, HT can be used to purchase monthly VIP status plans, participate in token buybacks, and access special events early. With a combination of robust security, ample trading tools for novice and advanced traders, and a user-centric approach, Huobi has rapidly grown into one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. Looking forward, through continuous global expansion and new product offerings, Huobi aims to further establish itself as a top player in the competitive crypto exchange space.

Huobi's Evolution and Global Expansion

Initially one of China's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi has undergone major evolution and global expansion over recent years. Following regulatory changes in China impacting the crypto industry, Huobi moved its headquarters to Singapore and established teams internationally to cater to a global audience. This adaptability reflects Huobi’s commitment to provide crypto services globally despite regulatory challenges. In October 2022, Huobi began a new chapter when it was acquired by About Capital. By then, Huobi was already operating its own blockchain – the Huobi Eco Chain – further solidifying its position. Huobi’s resilience, strategic foresight and focus on innovation and user experience have enabled it to maintain relevance as a key player in the cryptocurrency exchange market amidst the ever-changing digital asset landscape. Despite its Chinese origins, Huobi now operates globally.

Huobi's Platform and User Experience

Huobi offers a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform, Huobi Pro, with a selection of over 100 cryptocurrencies and an interface providing advanced traders with detailed charts, order books, and a variety of trading tools. For fiat-to-crypto trading, Huobi OTC is available without transaction fees on select coins. Huobi also has a native token, Huobi Token (HT), used to reduce fees and enable platform governance participation. The user experience is designed to be intuitive for novice and experienced traders alike, with mobile apps also available. By providing a robust trading platform, fee-reducing native token, and user-friendly experience, Huobi has become a leading exchange catering to the needs of various crypto traders.

Security and Trust

As a major cryptocurrency exchange, security and trust are paramount for Huobi. The exchange came under scrutiny in 2019 over accusations of wash trading, which Huobi denied, and responded by implementing measures to discourage market manipulation. To safeguard user assets, Huobi employs cold storage solutions, keeping a portion of cryptocurrencies offline to protect against online threats. Additionally, the exchange has established a security reserve fund designed to compensate users in the unlikely event of a breach or loss of funds. For extra security, Huobi offers a hardware wallet solution that allows users to store their cryptocurrencies on a physical device, retaining control of their private keys. With robust security protocols, compensation funds, and advanced storage options, Huobi aims to provide a trusted platform for crypto trading. Though allegations have surfaced at times, Huobi responds promptly and its multifaceted approach to security and trust contributes to its reputation as a credible exchange.

Huobi Token (HT) Utility and Economics

Huobi Token (HT) is the native utility token of the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange. HT provides a variety of functions and economic benefits within the Huobi ecosystem. Key utilities include discounted trading fees for users, voting rights to participate in platform governance, and rewards to encourage user activity and loyalty. HT also enables access to Huobi Prime, the exchange's Initial Exchange Offering platform for new token launches. To maintain value, Huobi implements a quarterly HT buyback and burn program using a portion of its revenues. This reduces overall token supply over time. HT also finances an investor protection fund to compensate users for potential financial losses, adding a layer of security and trust. Through this combination of utility and economic strategies, HT establishes itself as an integral component of the Huobi platform, incentivizing usage and participation by offering functional benefits and financial perks to token holders.

Huobi's Future and Roadmap

Huobi has outlined plans to expand its global reach into regions such as the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Concurrently, the exchange aims to cater to advanced traders by enhancing offerings such as futures trading and derivatives. Huobi is also developing its own blockchain infrastructure called Huobi Chain, likely with the goals of improving efficiency, security, and introducing new blockchain-based services. The involvement of advisor Randi Zuckerberg demonstrates Huobi’s focus on leveraging expertise for strategic development. Overall, Huobi’s roadmap indicates a concerted effort to broaden its user base internationally while also building out a robust technological framework to support next-generation innovations. By growing its operations globally and investing in emerging blockchain capabilities, Huobi is positioning itself at the forefront of the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency ecosystem.


This article provides general information about cryptocurrency investing and the offerings of Huobi. It does not constitute financial advice or a recommendation regarding any specific investment. Cryptocurrencies carry inherent risks, including high volatility and regulatory uncertainty. Readers should conduct independent research before making any investment decisions. The information here reflects data available at the time of writing and may not include Huobi's most current offerings. The author is an independent researcher not affiliated with Huobi. The discussion and examples do not imply endorsement or financial advice. Rather, they serve an informational purpose. Investors must evaluate their own financial position and risk tolerance before investing. This article intends to educate, not promote any specific cryptocurrency or investment strategy. Updates regarding regulatory and market changes should be sought from official sources, not exclusively from this article.

Recent Developments in Huobi's Operations

Recent news about Huobi reveals some significant changes in the company's operations. Huobi Korea, the South Korean subsidiary of Huobi Global, has decided to sever ties with its parent company. The move will allow Huobi Korea to operate independently, strengthening its domestic presence. This development comes after Huobi Global confirmed that it has been operating separately from Huobi Korea since the fall of 2022.

Huobi's Market Performance

On the market front, Huobi has experienced some challenges. The company's market share has significantly declined from 22% in 2020 to just 4% by the end of 2022. This decline has been accompanied by a drop in Huobi's quarterly revenue and a significant outflow of tokens. Despite these challenges, Huobi continues to innovate, launching the second round of its PrimeVote vote-to-list event, which gives listing rights to HT holders.

Security Measures and Partnerships

In terms of security, Huobi has been proactive in thwarting illicit activities. The company successfully detected and prevented a Harmony One hacker from laundering money via its platform. This was achieved through the coordinated efforts of Huobi's staff and other exchanges. In addition, Huobi has formed strategic partnerships with companies like Solaris and TrustWallet, offering new services such as a crypto-to-fiat debit card for European users and an integrated dashboard for KuCoin account holders.

Huobi's Future Prospects

Despite the challenges, Huobi remains a significant player in the crypto market. The company continues to innovate and adapt to market changes, offering new services and opportunities for its users. If you're wondering where to buy Huobi or want to keep up with Huobi news today, it's recommended to follow the company's official announcements and market updates.