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An Overview of Chain Guardians

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Overview of Chain Guardians

A Brief Introduction to Chain Guardians

Chain Guardians is a unique blend of traditional gaming and blockchain technology, creating an ecosystem where players can participate in a free-to-play NFT mining platform and a role-playing game. Launched in 2019, it allows players to earn income from their gaming time and energy, transforming these into tangible rewards. The in-game assets are represented by unique tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain’s ERC-721 standard.

The Creators and Major Contributors

Chain Guardians was co-founded by Emma Liu, Robbie Cochrane, and Idon Liu. Emma Liu, the CEO, is an experienced entrepreneur and management consultant, while Robbie Cochrane, the COO, has a background in journalism, communications, and content. The CTO, Idon Liu, brings over 20 years of experience in Fortune 500 tech companies to the table.

Token Supply

The platform uses its own ChainGuardian Credits (CGC) token. There are two main ways to earn it. One is by staking any NFTs that have been added to the NFT mining game; if a user wins the block reward, they are credited with CGC, which can later be converted into the ChainGuardian Tokens (CGG) governance tokens. Another way to earn CGC is by playing the ChainGuardians RPG itself. Users are rewarded with CGC for performing various tasks. The CGG token also allows users to earn power rewards by providing CGG pairs and staking POWER tokens.

Purchase Locations

Chain Guardians (CGG) can be traded on various exchanges. Before purchasing, it's important to research and choose a reliable and secure exchange platform that supports CGG.

Common Uses

Chain Guardians is primarily used for gaming and earning income. The game is player-controlled and is a real-time battle-based game. When players are offline, advanced AI-based battles take place that are governed by a Guardian’s attributes. Players can strategically conquer castles, fortresses, and dungeons, ambush enemies, and loot and eradicate the enemies. The platform also allows users to bring their own NFTs and has a loyalty system.

Latest News and Developments

Chain Guardians continues to evolve, with regular feedback from the community driving the development of end-game content and improving playability. The platform has multiple game modes such as PVP, PVE, and collaborative PVE raids and is focused on proper balancing. It has in-game testing, balancing, and simulations and has been whitelisted via SafeName to prevent bot use and excessive multi-account creation. It keeps the players engaged via various events and competitions.

Chain Guardians' Community Incentives

Chain Guardians has been making strides in community incentivization. A proposal has been put forth to increase rewards within the Chain Guardian ecosystem. If passed, this proposal will allocate $5,000 per month towards consistent reward infusions, representing a $60,000 fixed fund. An additional $40,000 would be established in a variable fund. This is part of the recent news about Chain Guardians that shows their commitment to their community.

Chain Guardians' Gaming Developments

Chain Guardians has launched ChainArena, a mobile game based on the classic idle game. Players can use their ChainGuardians characters within the idle game and gain access to exclusive Champions through competitive gameplay. Additionally, the ChainBunnies Survival Game is coming to Cryptoverse Experiences. The game will be released with single-player mode enabled, with multi-player gameplay to be incorporated in future updates.

Chain Guardians' NFT Innovations

Chain Guardians has been making waves in the NFT space. Chain Verse NFTs & Collectibles, including ChainArena Warrior Cards and ChainGunnies Access Passes, are now available for secondary trading on tofuNFT. Furthermore, ChainGuardians will unveil their Meta Street Wear collection at the Nolcha Shows New York Fashion Week Web3 Edition. This clothing line will allow users to wear the clothing in the real world and on an avatar in the Metaverse.

Chain Guardians' Governance Updates

Chain Guardians is working hard to implement and establish Governance frameworks in a fun and educational manner. The Voting Framework will be off-chain through Snapshot. A user’s voting power is calculated from their $CGG balance at the timestamp or block on which the Snapshot poll was taken. This is part of the Chain Guardians news today that shows their commitment to decentralization and community involvement.