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An Overview of B20

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Overview of B20

Introduction to B20 Crypto

B20 is a cryptocurrency token representing fractionalized ownership in a collection of high-value NFT digital artworks, allowing more investors access to top pieces. Created by Metapurse, B20 tokenizes ownership in assets like the record-setting $69 million Beeple NFT the group purchased. This effectively democratizes investment in premier digital art. The B20 token enables collective ownership of Metapurse’s holdings, including virtual real estate and art installations in digital worlds. As the NFT space rapidly evolves, B20 exemplifies the financial innovation occurring at the crossover between art, blockchain technology, and commerce. Understanding projects like B20 matters for anyone tracking the digital art market and asset ownership models enabled by cryptocurrencies.

Understanding B20 Tokenomics

B20 tokens represent fractional ownership of a bundle of Beeple NFTs purchased by Metapurse then fractionalized to democratize access. The total supply is capped at 10 million with a circulating supply subject to change based on factors like Metapurse's actions and distribution strategies. The market cap reflects the circulating supply's value, while the fully diluted valuation considers total supply. Initial distribution involved a public sale for individual investors and a private sale targeting contributors. As the Beeple NFT acquirer and token creator, Metapurse holds significant supply influencing project direction and token value. The tokenomics create an NFT investment opportunity through fractionalized ownership of high-value art. However, Metapurse's ownership concentration and distribution dynamics are important considerations when evaluating long-term viability and appreciation potential.

B20 and the Metaverse Renaissance

The B20 token represents an innovative model for fractionalized ownership of digital art, allowing more open participation in the emerging metaverse economy. Issued by Metapurse, a leading metaverse fund, the ERC-20 compatible B20 token enables holders to own a fractional share of Metapurse’s multimillion dollar NFT art portfolio. This concept of fractionalized ownership aims to democratize access to top-tier NFT art collections that would normally be out of financial reach for most investors. As the metaverse continues rapid expansion, the B20 token offers a pathway for investors big and small to partake in this high-growth market. The token ties directly to underlying NFT assets curated by Metapurse, providing transparent exposure to premier metaverse artworks. Within the context of the Metaverse Renaissance, a period marked by increased creativity and participation in digital worlds, the B20 token represents an important step towards openness, accessibility and diversity in the digital art investment space.

Price History and Market Performance

The B20 token reached an all-time high valuation of $28.62 on March 10, 2021, around the peak of the NFT craze. However, since then the price has fallen drastically to a recent all-time low of $0.03223 on July 6, 2023. This reflects a significant decline in investor interest and trading activity. Recent 24-hour trading volume was just $113.57, suggesting low market liquidity. The current market capitalization stands at approximately $504,925 with a circulating supply of 4,974,378 B20 tokens out of a maximum possible supply of 10 million. Compared to other similar cryptocurrencies, B20's performance has been relatively poor over the past two years. The token is also no longer actively traded on major exchanges, further limiting investor accessibility. While the broader cryptocurrency market has seen some recovery, B20 continues to lose value. Given the ongoing lack of market activity, those considering investing in B20 may want to exercise caution and thoroughly research its price history and current market trends before making any decisions.

B20's Connection to Beeple's Artwork

The B20 token has strong ties to acclaimed digital artist Beeple, largely due to an influential NFT purchase made by the crypto investment fund Metapurse. Metapurse acquired 20 Beeple works and then fractionalized ownership of those works, along with virtual real estate in metaverse platforms, into the B20 token. This allowed broader public investment into these valuable digital assets. Beeple's record-breaking $69 million NFT auction brought immense attention to B20, as it was seen as a way for regular investors to own a piece of Beeple's sought-after art. However, B20 has also faced criticism - some have questioned the token's real value and long-term viability, pointed to potential conflicts of interest, and expressed concerns about the centralization of token ownership. So while B20 represents an ambitious experiment in fractionalized digital art ownership, its ties to Beeple have sparked both interest and skepticism in the crypto community.

Future Prospects and Developments

As an innovative concept exploring the potential of fractionalized NFT ownership, the B20 crypto project has sparked lively discussion within cryptocurrency circles. While the journey has surfaced questions around direction and value proposition, the core idea retains intrigue. The project's future trajectory relies heavily on navigating complex regulatory landscapes and market dynamics with transparency. Within a volatile crypto environment, comprehensive regulation and ethical AI standards would foster stability and trust. The project's malleability to emerging frameworks and ability to maintain open communication with token holders will likely determine success. If executed properly under a clear governance structure, the fractionalized ownership model could redefine digital art investment and usher new participants into the NFT space. However, the onus falls on the B20 developers to proactively address concerns through community dialogue. As the crypto industry matures, projects must prioritize ethical practices to earn investor confidence. Ultimately, the project's adaptability and commitment to transparency will shape its prospects moving forward.

How to Acquire and Store B20 Tokens

B20 tokens can be acquired through cryptocurrency exchanges if and when trading resumes, as it is currently ceased across exchanges. Investors will need to set up an account on a B20-supported exchange, verify their identity, and trade either fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies for B20 tokens. As an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, B20 can be stored in Ethereum-compatible wallets like MetaMask. To add B20, investors can use the token's contract address (0xc4de189abf94c57f396bd4c52ab13b954febefd8) to import it into their wallet manually or through an integrated platform like CoinGecko. Caution is warranted, as with any cryptocurrency investment, since market volatility can lead to price fluctuations. Investors should keep up with news and updates on B20 through reliable sources to make informed decisions about if and when to trade the token. Overall risks and rewards should be evaluated on an individual basis before acquiring and storing B20 tokens.


The information presented in this article about B20 cryptocurrency is intended for educational purposes only. As a volatile market, cryptocurrencies carry inherent financial risks. Readers are advised to conduct independent research and consult a financial advisor before investing. The author provides an unbiased analysis based on currently available information, but is not affiliated with any cryptocurrency projects referenced herein.

Exploring the B20 Tokenomics

The B20 project has been making strides in simplifying its tokenomics, making it more accessible and understandable for everyone. This development is crucial in attracting a broader audience, as it eliminates the complexity often associated with digital assets.

Behind the Scenes of B20

In an effort to provide more transparency and insight into the project, a docuseries titled "Inside B20 - A Metaverse Docuseries" is set to premiere. This series aims to capture the ideas, decisions, and conversations that have shaped B20, the first tokenized art project in the Metaverse.

B20's Role in the NFT Movement

Recent news about B20 highlights its significant role in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) movement. Metapurse, the entity behind B20, has been acquiring culturally pivotal NFTs, redefining the experience and ownership of these digital assets. This move is seen as a significant step in capturing the zeitgeist of the NFT movement.

Expansion of the B20 Team

In recent B20 news, the project announced the addition of new team members. Brooke Walter and Veritas Kami have joined the Metapurse team, managing marketing, communications, operations, and acquisitions. Their addition is expected to bring fresh perspectives and further drive the project's growth.