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MetaMask Partners with Blockaid to Enhance User Security

Published: Nov 01, 2023 | Last Updated: Nov 01, 2023
Howard Kane

MetaMask introduces native security alerts to proactively protect users from scams and hacks

In a bid to enhance user security, MetaMask, the world's most popular crypto wallet, has teamed up with security firm Blockaid. The collaboration aims to introduce native security alerts within MetaMask's browser extension. This move makes MetaMask one of the first self-custody web3 wallets to incorporate integrated security alerts.

Proactive Protection Against Malicious Transactions

The new feature is designed to proactively prevent malicious transactions and protect users from scams, phishing attempts, and hacks. It does this without compromising user privacy. The official launch is scheduled for November, and desktop users can opt into the feature through MetaMask's experimental settings.

Offline Security Engine

The security alerts feature uses an offline security engine to simulate and validate transactions and signatures before signing them. This integration aims to tackle one of the industry's biggest problems - malicious transactions and phishing scams. The new feature will be rolled out gradually to avoid false positives, and MetaMask plans to make it a default setting for all users by the first quarter of 2024.

Previous Collaboration and User Base

This collaboration follows a previous partnership between MetaMask and Blockaid in April 2023 when they jointly launched Opensea security alerts. MetaMask currently boasts over 20 million monthly active users, making it the most widely used crypto wallet globally. The success of a similar security alert feature for OpenSea suggests that the new feature could significantly prevent asset loss.

Practical Takeaways

For users, this development means enhanced security when using MetaMask for their crypto transactions. It also signifies a proactive approach from MetaMask in addressing the industry's security challenges. Users are encouraged to opt into the new feature and stay vigilant against potential scams and phishing attempts.

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