Coinfeeds Daily → Fake App on Microsoft Store Helps Hackers Steal $770,000 Worth of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Through

Fake App on Microsoft Store Helps Hackers Steal $770,000 Worth of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Through

Published: Nov 07, 2023 | Last Updated: Nov 07, 2023
Howard Kane

Fraudulent Ledger Live app on Microsoft store leads to significant cryptocurrency theft, highlighting the need for caution and secure storage methods

In a recent series of events, hackers have managed to steal a significant amount of Bitcoin through a fraudulent application listed on the Microsoft Store. The fake app, named "Ledger Live Web3," was designed to mimic the legitimate Ledger Live interface used for offline cryptocurrency storage. The scam has resulted in the theft of approximately $590,000 worth of Bitcoin.

Fake Ledger App on Microsoft Store

The fraudulent Ledger Live app was listed on the Microsoft Store and managed to trick users into believing they were downloading and using the legitimate Ledger Live interface. The hackers behind this scam received a total of 16.8 BTC, which is equivalent to around $590,000. The funds were then split across multiple wallets in an attempt to cover their tracks.

It remains unclear how the fake app was approved and listed on the Microsoft Store. Microsoft may have removed the fraudulent app from their platform, but the damage has already been done.

Additional Crypto Theft

In addition to the Bitcoin theft, the hackers also managed to steal an additional $180,000 across Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain, bringing the total stolen amount to approximately $770,000. The stolen funds were then distributed across multiple wallets to further obscure the trail.

Rise in Cryptocurrency Hacks

This incident is not an isolated case. Cryptocurrency hacks have been on the rise recently. In another similar incident, hackers managed to steal $4.4 million worth of crypto from LastPass. These incidents highlight the importance of exercising caution when downloading and using apps, especially those related to financial transactions and cryptocurrency storage.


Users are advised to only download apps from trusted sources and to double-check the legitimacy of the app before installing it. It is also recommended to use hardware wallets for storing cryptocurrencies as they are generally considered safer than online wallets. As always, users should keep their software up to date and use strong, unique passwords for all their accounts.

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