Coinfeeds Crypto Chatbot API

Coinfeeds chatbot serves adds a new layer of interactivity to your app with our Chatbot API built for crypto. Our bot understands and is able to explain the most technical concepts to your users with ease, on top of giving them up to date price and news information on all the major cryptocurrencies. With our streaming chat API, you can boost your app engagement while educating your users about the ecosystem. Try our chatbot live at

Here are a few things you can accomplish using our chatbot API -

1. Explain any technical concepts - Our bot stays updated with all the recent developments happening in the crypto world. This helps your users with gain technical insights about the ecosystem, and make better decisions while keeping them engaged. Try asking questions like "What is MEV", "What is NFT compression", "What is Eigenlayer"

2. Get recent news about any crypto project - We take advantage of our realtime News API to enable our bot to provide your users with recent updates about the project. It is great at answering questions like "What is going on with ethereum", "Give me recent news about bitcoin" etc.

3. Get current price for all projects - Using our API, we can answer questions about recent price related movements about a project. You can ask questions like "How's ripple price doing over last week", "what is the current price of Solana" etc.

4. And so much more - In addition to all the above, our bot can do many more things like answer basic solidity questions, do ELI5 descriptions, etc. We're constantly improving and adding more features to make the experience better for our users!

How to get an API Key

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