Check out our new site! We have made a lot of updates

Check out our new site! We have made a lot of updates

Trending Tweets

We have replaced the trending news page with trending tweets. These are the most talked about topics on crypto Twitter of the day. We listen to thousands of curated Twitter accounts, score them based on importance, and surface the most shared news from these accounts — we refresh every hour, with the most important links at the top — scroll through to see what is trending. It is right on the front page:

Tweets First

Tweets used to be hidden behind a tab — we received feedback that tweets are actually our strongest content, so we brought tweets to the front — it is now mixed with news articles. Now you can see the conversation around every coin — and they are all from a list of highly curated Twitter accounts. You can see the description of the account below their name, and you can also see a tick mark if they are verified accounts — this can help give you more context for the tweets you’re reading.

Infinite Scrolling

We used to only show one page of news — now you can keep scrolling to see more pages. Try this for any coin page, sectors page, or your personalized page for the coins you’re following

Podcasts & Videos

Podcasts and videos also used to be hidden behind tabs — now they are visible on the right hand side. Podcasts can be really great content, so please check them out. Best of all, you can play them in the background while browsing!

Discord Announcements

Discord Announcements are added along with tweets and news.

New Social Intelligence Portal

We are launching a social intelligence portal. The old /discover page would be replaced by one that incorporates sentiment in the new portal. Please stay tuned for more announcements about this.